Pizza New York Style

  Medium 14″ Large 16″
2.00 each Meatball, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Sweet Pepper, Genoa Salami, Tomato, Onions (Raw or Fried), Black Olives,Bacon, Sausage, Green Pepper, Ham, Jalapenos
Anchovies, Extra Cheese, Broccoli Robe 3.00 each
Plain Pizza $11.99 $12.99
Tony’s Specialty Tomato Pie
New York Style Thin Crust
Tony’s Mystic Pizza
Choice of 6 toppings
$17.99 $20.99
Sicilian Pizza- Square Pizza
For all Sicilian Pizzas please allow 30 minutes to cook. Call Ahead.
Sicilian Thick Crust (One Size)  — $16.99
Family Size Sicilian (16 Slices)
Toppings $2.50 Each
 — $16.99